A Reflection

By nature I am rather pessimistic, but of late I have attempted to adopt a new perspective: If you want to do something, consciously invest as much energy into said thing as you are able. Then you will find fulfilment.

It probably sounds beyond cliché, but I came to this realisation for good reason. Escapism. For too long I have been wasting time; drifting endlessly from one day to the next. Like so many, almost every aspect of my being is dictated by routine. Wake up at 05:50. Go to work. Go to the gym. Go home. Make dinner. Lounge around. Sleep. Wake up at 05:50…

By no means do I have terrible life and, reading the above stream of consciousness, I do feel rather ungrateful. I have a happy home life and a stable, flexible and relatively interesting job. I have a good life, but clearly there is something missing. And I know exactly what it is.

My trouble is internal. Complacency. Too often do I employ a half minded concentration and thus I fail to reap the practical and intellectual benefits from that which I enjoy the most.

Therefore my escape must be a complete investment of my energy in order to distract me from myself.

Writing here will provide an outlet; a way to keep myself in check. Life is brief and I don’t intend to waste any more time than I may have already.

These are my escapes.